1969 Martin 00-18

Last week, I received a 1969 Martin 00-18 guitar in VG+ condition. The guitar had a few minor scratches, a small ding on the neck, and the infamous pickguard curl.

Over the years the pickguards on these older models would shrink and begin to pull away from the top, resulting in a ‘curling up’ along the edges. This one had curled to such an extent on the bridge side that it was not far from interfering with the action of the high E string.

After consulting with my luthier, we decided that the best approach would be to remove the pickguard, flatten it using a heat treatment, and then reapply the original pickguard. I opted for this approach after considering that there will be a fine line around the outside perimeter of the pickguard due to shrinkage. If the new owner prefers, he can have the original pickguard replaced with a new shiny one. I prefer to stick to original when possible. My luthier, Mike Weems, should have this job completed by the weekend!

I’ll put some pictures up of the completed job once I get it back.

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