Telleno Parlor

I just picked up one of these old Telleno parlor guitars. The next step will be learning how to play it like this guy! (:


Telleno Parlor — 8 Comments

  1. Any idea when that guitar was made? I might have the chance to buy a similar one. Maybe 1930s? Early 40s? Thanks for any info you might have.

  2. I just got one from my parents house that’s been sitting around since I was a kid. Put some strings on it and have added it to my collection. It’s got this cool blues-iness too it that I really like and it’s the oldest guitar in my collection which also adds to it. Looking forward to taking it back to school to show my friends only thing is–I can’t find any decent history on the Telleno guitar. If anyone finds anything out I’d love to hear about it.


  3. I have one that has squares on the frets – I used it when I was in Orchestra back in 5th grade (late 70’s). Any idea what it’s worth? It’s in great shape!

  4. I’ve got two identical models: one is branded as Telleno with a tan/brown finish, the other is a deep walnut finish and branded as Wabash. Besides the name and the finish, they are exact twins! They must’ve come from the very same factory, but why the different names? I’d hazard a guess that they were made in Chicago, but that’s mostly cause of the Wabash-Wabash avenue connection. The “steel reinforced neck” stamp on the headstock is identical to the ones on some Kay and Harmony guitars from the Chicago plant, so perhaps they were made there. Who knows!

  5. Telleno/Wabash/Howard guitars were manufactured in Chicago starting in 1946 through 1968. They were manufactured by the David Wexler Music company in a factory located on Wabash Avenue. The company was founded in 1920 and in 1977 relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona. They currently distribute many different musical accessories. They still have the Wabash trademark registered.

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