Road Trip!

I’m taking one of my favorite trips tomorrow.

It’s always fun when I get to take a road trip to see the Luthier.  Mike Weems of Anderson, SC is the greatest guitar doctor this side of the Mississippi.  I’m bringing three patients in tomorrow to place under his care.

Tomorrow’s three patients are:

1. 1974 Martin 00-28G – Needs a couple of top cracks checked out and your basic 100,000 strum checkup.

2. 1936 Gibson Cromwell G2 – This guitar was been in storage for 50 years. This is new to my inventory and I want Mike to give it a checkup and take a look at the bridge and bridge plate.

3. 1909 Washburn Style 115 – A very nice parlor guitar with a slight gap under the treble side of the bridge. I’m going to ask Mike to check the bridge and re-glue it if needed.

I should get these back late next week and will get them on Ebay hopefully by next weekend. Be sure to check back soon for my next update. And if you have a 80’s Guild GF-25, call me and “let’s make a deal”!


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