Crazy Weekend

Since my last post on Friday, I’ve sold 4 guitars including my player. ┬áThe tables have completely turned in terms of me being “guitar rich”. And it’s at best a bitter-sweet moment because my beloved Takamine is getting ready to enter a dark and lonely cardboard box.

Oh well, at least I’ve still got my memories of those sweet gals and a little financing for the next great chase.


Crazy Weekend — 1 Comment

  1. M-20, I have serial number 1,406 with the ghost emblem sticker. Never sell it. It has a great old DeArmond fatty single coil pickup and two bakalite knobs that look like pickup and all came right off of a 50’s Harmony lap steel.
    What a terrific tenor section and tone this guitar has. Probably made in 1953-56 according to George Gruin.

    I have a 30’s “F” hole Kalamazo and a 1936’7 Epiphone “Olympic” archtop small body f hole that I am restoring. Can’t wait to hear it.

    sounds like you get attached to these beauties just like me.

    Love the old Epiphones, Just acquired a very nice FT 79 Texan 1962, very early serial number. It’s a boomer.

    Dan Doshier

    Anyway just love your website.

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