It’s Saturday Again!

Hey, whatda you know it’s Saturday again.

I’m sitting here just amazed at how fast time keeps zooming away. The other night I had a lucid dream involving a friend that has long since passed. He was sitting in the driver’s side of a parked car and appeared to be intoxicated. I approached the passenger side window and looked in and he turned to look at me with this soul penetrating stare. It was at that moment I realized that I was dreaming.

Since this was my first experience with lucid dreaming, I became very excited and thought how to best use my experience. So I said to him, “quick, tell me something that I need to know. Tell me something really important before I wake up!”. He just keep staring at me and never said a word. It was shortly thereafter that I awoke.

Next subject. I’m really excited because suddenly the alternative Internet media is becoming the mainstream media and the mainstream media is becoming the tired broken phonograph player of the airwaves. CNN has jokingly morphed into TMZ and InfoWars and RT are now some of the few real news sources and are finally being taken seriously. Damn, I’m so glad people are waking up. Thank God.

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