♥ Who is Lucky Guitar?
I am Greg Matthews. I buy guitars and then sell them. Sometimes I keep them. Sometimes I make money. Sometimes I lose money. As long as we can eat under a roof, stay warm, and I can have a guitar around to play, I’m happy.

♥ Do you ship to my Country?
Yes. I will ship to any Country in the World. If you live on Earth, I will find a way to get you a guitar.

♥ Can I buy directly from your website?
Yes! I actually prefer that method. My shipping cart fully supports all major credit cards via PayPal. I can also generate a detailed PayPal invoice and send it to your email address. The majority of my sales are completed using the invoice method.

 How do you ship?
Generally I ship all domestic items via UPS Ground and international items via USPS International Priority.

 Will you consider trades or barter propositions?
Absolutely. I will consider all trades including but not limited to; vintage guitars, ex-girlfriends, moon rocks, and any and all other interesting items as long as they are, beneficial to, and allow me to further my chances of survival. I don’t trade down but sometimes will trade even.

♥ Do you have a store?
No. I have dedicated 3 rooms of my home for my business. I have a temperature and humidity monitored room where I store the instruments, a workshop/office, and a large room designated for shipping and supplies. If I opened a store, it would not work considering my specialized niche and geographic location.

 What is your business philosophy?
In a nut shell, “buy low, sell high”. But seriously. Basically I conduct myself using the golden rule with an unwavering commitment toward excellence in customer service. Every guitar is selected by me, photographed by me, listed and described by me, and shipped by me. The buck stops here.

♥ Where are you located?
My business is physically located in Greenwood, SC.